Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Verdict -- Best Supporting Actress 1993

The Year in Review: Definitely not one of the stronger years in the category's history, with two outstanding performances and three that could have been a lot better. My affection for both Anna and Emma's performances is for the moment extremely high, and I think both will only get better on repeated viewings of their respective films. The only performance that I can say that for on the other side of the spectrum is probably Ryder's. Its one that I think could unveil new facets about itself with each viewing, but for now I have to go off of what I saw in my first viewing, and that was nothing special. Despite my first year being something of a dud, I'm still very excited to continue on my quest with another year very shortly.

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logofanchad3 said...

Anna Paquin and Emma Thompson were really the only ones worth a vote here. Both were AMAZING. My vote goes to Paquin, with Thompson a close second.