Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Second Year x2 -- Best Supporting Actress 1937

And the nominees were....

  • Alice Brady in In Old Chicago as Molly O'Leary (winner)
  • Andrea Leeds in Stage Door as Kay Hamilton
  • Anne Shirley in Stella Dallas as Laurel "Laurie" Dallas
  • Claire Trevor in Dead End as Francie
  • Dame May Whitty in Night Must Fall as Mrs. Bramson

The Field: The randomizer strikes! I find it incredibly ironic that the second year I will be covering also happens to be the second year ever. I obviously don't have much of an idea about the quality of any of the nominees, but if any of you have seen them please say how you feel about them! I'm still really excited, and I'm sure these performances should be really fun. At the very least, they will be vastly different from 1993's nominees, which is good. These profiles will be up a lot slower than the others, because I am back at school, but I'll try my best.

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