Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A New Direction


Welcome to Flames...On the Side of My Face, my new blog that I am very excited to get off the ground and dive headfirst into. Some of you may have wandered over from my previous blog, called Oscar Field Report, and may perhaps even be confused by the change. Basically I felt that my previous blog had too narrow a focus and that was evidenced by the fact that I hadn't posted more than five or six posts a month, and the time period between posts was getting more and more lengthy by the day. Thus, the creation of this new blog where I plan to broaden my posting topics beyond just the Supporting Actress category.

I am still going to continue on with my ranking of every Supporting Actress nominee and will hopefully get the pace up to at least a performance or two a week. At the same time, I plan on posting about a variety of other entertainment-related topics, especially television, other movies I'm watching, and new theatrical releases. I'm going to write about the Emmys in the next couple of weeks, and have some other specific projects in mind that I will unveil when they fully develop in my mind.

But, to inaugurate this new venue, I decided the best thing for me to do would to introduce you to my tastes in movies and television by revealing my 20 Favorite Films of All-Time, as well as my Top 10 Television Shows. Expect those to be revealed gradually in the next few days,  along with the conclusion of Best Supporting Actress 1983 and the start of another year. Thanks to anyone who has followed me over to this new location, hopefully it will become a home for my thoughts for the foreseeable future.


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