Friday, March 21, 2014

Best Supporting Actress 1975

And the nominees were....

  • Ronee Blakley as Barbara Jean in Nashville
  • Lee Grant as Alicia Karpf in Shampoo (winner)
  • Sylvia Miles as Jessie Halstead Florian in Farewelly, My Lovely
  • Lily Tomlin as Linnea Reese in Nashville
  • Brenda Vaccaro as Linda Riggs in Jacqueline Susann's Once is Not Enough
The Field: Alright, I'll admit something: this is not a year I'm particularly excited for. I'm not particularly sure why I'm not excited for it, but it's just not one that I was itching to cover. I've seen Shampoo and have not so fond memories of that film (though those are mostly thanks to Beatty, who has never impressed me). I'm a little wary of Nashville, having never warmed up to an Altman film the way the rest of the world has (from my limited sampling of his films), though I'm always interested in seeing such a widely acclaimed film. As for the other two, I've heard nothing that makes me particularly excited. My lack of excitement for this year, I should say, comes more from the films than the actresses, because this is a somewhat interesting and atypical group of ladies for the Academy. Not a wallflower among them, and I'm glad to see a lack of fawning mothers and delicate young girlfriends (maybe the last year scarred me a bit?). Well, here's hoping my expectations are subverted! Sylvia Miles will be up first in a few days time.


Alex in Movieland said...

No argue on Shampoo being messy. :) this win felt so random... Justified only by some kind of career recognition and them feeling guilty for the blacklist.
The two Nashville ladies were way way better.

Haven't seen other 2 films, but lol to Once Is Not Enough - seems to be a disaster. Enjoy! It wasn't available to me a couple of years ago, haven't checked recently.

joe burns said...

Rooting for Blakley, who is truly incredible! Tomlin is also excellent, but its Blakley who gives the film its soul.

Allen said...

Hmm, haven't seen any of these ladies, but I'm interested in seeing your thoughts on the Nashville girls, of whom I've heard nothing but great things. :)